The maintenance contracts are the most cost effective way of ensuring the longevity, safety and efficiency of your lifts. Our engineers will visit the site on pre-agreed dates and carry out running checks and servicing which spot any problems before they cause a breakdown.

Because we are experienced in dealing with a huge range of lift manufacturers, you can be sure that we can look after your company's needs whatever the requirements, bringing customers piece of mind at all times.

No service in this industry can begin until a thorough and honest assessment is done at your premises. There is no point in giving incorrect evaluations for a ‘quick buck’ when the initial problem is not rectified. It will return – again and again, at your cost. We get it right the first time round – then begin preventative maintenance.

We don’t just maintain units, we provide preventative maintenance for units. A unit that is dysfunctional is a buildings’ HIGHEST RISK AND DANGER FACTOR. Your passengers’ lives are gambled - and yours.

Never, ever let an untrained individual try and fix an elevator, hoist or escalator. The unit needs a trained technician – or the repairs escalate and risk factors will escalate; again at your cost.

The importance of regular servicing and maintenance of your lift cannot be stressed enough. Looking after it will prolong its life and safeguard your customers. From Dumb Waiters to heavy duty Goods Lifts on aircraft carriers.

Servicing and maintenance to suit every budget
Before starting with service and maintenance procedures on the lift involved, a survey may be undertaken. The work needs to be carried out by experienced, dedicated and professional engineers – with every working part attended to in detail.


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